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Don't be afraid to reach out! I love to hear from my fans. You can always follow me on social media, or sign up for my newsletter for the latest info on what I'm up to, but I'm happy to respond to any letters I get. Please be patient, sometimes my inbox gets overwhelming--but I will get back to you.

If this is regarding subsidiary rights, please contact my literary agent. If this is regarding a media opportunity with regards to any of the books published with Kensington (H&W Investigations 1 - 6, Nocturnal, The Real Werewives of Vampire County), please contact my publicist at Kensington instead.

Success! Message received.

Literary Agent:

Ellen Pepus

Signature Literary Agency

Publicist (Kensington Books):

Vida Engstrand

Kensington Publishing Corp.

Any other business or media-related requests can be sent directly to me.

Jess Haines - Author of Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, and More
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